It is our mission at Mane Street Bakery to bring healthy and nutritious treats to all of our customer’s beloved friends.

Mane Street values progressive thinkers and health conscious pet owners that take the vigor and well-being of their four legged family members seriously.

At Mane Street Bakery, we have chosen ingredients that are 100% natural, nutritious and unaltered, in order to deliver the highest quality treats available.  Our products are made with organic herbs, organic rye & barley flours and organic rolled oats.  These treats are corn, soy and wheat free with no additives, preservatives or byproducts.  The treats are free of any extenders, fillers, dyes or chemicals.

The manufacturing process preserves essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes.  Our products have a three to nine month shelf life depending on the product. To ensure the integrity of our treats, store in a cool dry place and avoid moisture and prolonged exposure to the air.

Our packaging is FDA approved for food products and is completely biodegradable, recyclable and compostable.  Mane Street Bakery is an environmentally responsible GREEN company.



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